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Wish you had an at-home concierge?
Just ask.

We’ve helped clients organize and manage everything from holiday decorations, photos and memorabilia to inboxes, mobile offices and family calendars. Think of us like a team of personal assistants, on demand. 

  • Shopping assistance with specialty, online or returns
  • Coordination with 3rd-party vendors (think cleaners, gardeners or renovation contractors)
  • Scheduling appointments (i.e. repairs or other vendors)
  • Restocking services (kitchens, offices or AirBnB support)
  • Coordination of special events + party planning
  • Florist and floral arranging
  • Invitations, announcements + holiday cards
  • Short-term personal assistance (lifestyle task masters)
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Estate Management

It’s hard to lose a loved one and even more difficult to deal with all the details relating to their estate. Our team can support you at whatever level you need so you can focus on you.

  • Sort, edit and coordinate possession distribution
  • Document shredding, junk hauling and records sorting
  • Online auction listing through sale
  • Detailed + digital inventories
  • 3rd-party coordination or supervision of partners: auctioneers, cleaners, staging teams, handymen, donation services, trash removers.
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Experience Holiday Magic

If you’re into holiday lights and parties, but not into the hassle it takes to make them happen, let us create the magic for you. We’ll handle all the decorations, you handle the celebrating. Ready to make some magic? We’ll: 

  • Set up and take down interior/exterior holiday decorations
  • Coordinate special events and party planning services (catering, florists and floral arranging)
  • Handle all of your invitations, announcements and holiday cards