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Colored Masking Tape – an essential tool in any Simplicity Source tool box. A great way to color code moving boxes or label during an organizing project. Bright, colorful and won’t damage your surfaces. 

Kitchen & Pantry

Bamboo Lazy Susan

Bamboo Drawer Dividers

Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Bamboo Storage Boxes

Food Storage Containers

Clear Storage Bins

Clear Drawer Trays

Clear Storage Boxes

Lazy Susan Caddy

3-Tier Spice Rack

Produce Keepers

Magnetic Knife Strip


Command Hooks

Open Storage Box

Deep Drawer

3-Drawer File Cabinet

Clear Shelf Liner Roll

Garment Rack

Silver Wire Rack

Clear Shelf Liner Set

Closet & Storage

Collapsible Storage Bin

Hanging Closet Organizer

Fabric Drawer Organizers

Shelf Divider Set

Plain Tote

Non-slip Velvet Hangers

Shelf Dividers (acrylic)

Foldable Storage Boxes

Wall Calendar

Label Maker

Felt Pads

Stackable Jewelry Trays

Gift Wrap Organizer

Holiday Tote

Ornament Tote

Fall Tote