A donation box of toys and other items in a child's bedroom

Why we donate

What you may no longer want, might make someone else’s dream a reality. We want to support our local disposal company reach it’s goal of “a world without waste”, so we hope to work with you to divert the possessions you wish to say goodbye to from the landfill to people that will carry them to the next stage. Whether it is obsolete electronics or the clothes your no longer wear, our goal is to donate them to organizations doing good in our area.

We are Here to Help YOU!

Accepts: clothing, accessories, art and collectibles, books, electronics, housewares, and household furniture. 

Accepts: clothing, toiletries, garden supplies, kitchen supplies and some food.

Accepts:  books, media and other printed materials.

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Accepts: working and non-working electronics, linens and throw pillows, clothing, art and decor, housewares, and some furniture.

Accepts: furniture, appliances, housewares, and building materials.

Accepts:  toiletries and other personal care items, plus maintenance and office supplies.

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Accepts:  non-perishable food. 

Accepts: clothing, accessories, and housewares.


Accepts: clothing, furniture, household items, and appliances, as well as metal for recycling.